Our Helpful Approach to Family Law

Let us handle your divorce or child custody cases. When it comes to family law, Crawford Law Group, L.L.C. has you covered.

Family Law

Reach out to us for answers to your family law questions. We always aim to schedule a face-to-face meeting as soon as possible. In fact, we try to schedule it on the same day. It is during this time that we get to the heart of the matter. Although our clients are mostly couples, we encounter more custody and paternity cases than cases related to divorce.

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Adoption and Temporary Guardianship

We assist our clients with adoption or temporary guardianship issues. Our caring attorneys help parents navigate the difficult adoption process, as well as assisting grandparents who have had to take custody of their grandchildren because the child's biological parents have serious drug problems or other issues. Contact us to discuss your adoption or temporary guardianship needs.

Custody Battles

Whether you need help getting visitation rights or have issues that require you seek full custody, we'll work with you to advocate for your child. The welfare of your child is most important, and we'll help you when your children are young or when they are getting older and have more of a say in custody decisions. 

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A Foundation of Personal Experience 

Our family lawyer has personally been through a divorce and a custody case. That means you are dealing with someone who has firsthand experience and a keen understanding of the entire process. Understandably, emotions may come into play during your case. Expect our attorneys to help you stay focused during this trying time in your life.